Welcome to the home of Marc Boult Photography, showcasing my work based on my two passions in photography Military Aviation and Landscapes. I find myself spending the summer months travelling the country attending some amazing air shows. Then from Autumn through to Spring I take advantage of the long mornings to capture the landscapes at their best.

I love the landscapes found in the South of England. So I've set out on a journey to capture my favourite locations from this side of the country. Southern England is home to an amazing variety of landscapes with great history so I spend my time exploring my favourite places in the southern counties, searching for unique scenes and memorable moments. My aim is to capture scenes from a perspective that interests me, looking for strong contrasting colours and unique composures making sure that the eye travels the full length and width of the photo. Take a look through my Landscape Portfolios and see how I am progressing.  

Military war planes have interested me for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up my grandparents lived behind RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire, this was the perfect opportunity to witness a wide range of aircraft from a young age. We would also attend the RAF Lyneham family day each year which was home to an amazing air show. Seeing this at a young age was mesmerising to me and this is why my passion for this area is so strong now days. I have set myself the aim of capturing my unique perspective at recent air shows, I want others to enjoy and remember as I did. I like to compose the photograph with an equal split of aircraft and sky / landscape into the shot, this also brings my two passions together, take a look over my Military Aviation portfolios.

Below is a few of my recent achievements;




My landscape portfolio is all about capturing the bigger picture in Nature... Looking for an everyday scene that normally passes by without a thought and turning this into something unforgettable.
— Marc Boult


Military Aviation

The use behind these deadly aircraft causes a noticeable split in peoples opinion of them and the job they do... My aim is to show the elegance and the workmanship that goes into building these unique aircraft.
— Marc Boult


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